What Is Priligy Generic Dapoxetine?

For men who can last longer in the sexual activity, there is finally an uncommon opportunity thanks to Priligy Generic Dapoxetine. The solution is enabled by the active ingredient Dapoxetine, which inhibits the body transmitter responsible for ejaculations. Climax will be delayed by this interference.
Like the original product, Priligy Generic Dapoxetine contains exactly the same active ingredient to avoid premature ejaculation reliably. It is sufficient to take one pill about 1 to 3 hours prior to the sexual intercourse, and lasting longer will not only depend on luck anymore.
In general Dapoxetine is very compatible and many people respond to it very well. Studies show that there has existed a tremendous increase in sexual endurance. In addition, the drug enhances the patient’s control of his ejaculation, which finally leads to a more satisfactory situation for both the patient and his partner.

Dosage and direction

Take Dapoxetine by mouth with a glass of water, with or without food. Avoid cutting, crushing or chewing this medicine.
Do not take the medicine more often than it is prescribed. Do not give up taking it except taht your doctor advises you to do so.
It may need time for the medicine to take effect.
Consult your doctor about the proper dose for you.

Side Effects

Common side effects of Priligy Generic include nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, constipation, abdominal pain, swelling of stomach, indigestion, dry mouth, flushing, sweating, increased blood pressure, general feeling of illness, irritability, dizziness, headache, anxiety, agitation, abnormal dreams, sleep disturbances, drowsiness, tremor, abnormal sensation (tingling, prickling etc.), impaired attention, sexual dysfunction, visual disturbances and tinnitus (ringing of the ears).

Less common side effects include fainting, heart disorders, low blood pressure, restlessness, taste disturbances, depression, mood disturbances, confusion, abnormal thoughts, vertigo, teeth grinding, dilation of pupils, eye pain and itching.


Priligy Generic Dapoxetine should not be taken by men under 18 or over 64 years.
It has to be taken only on a need basis and approximately 1 to 3 hours before sexual activity. Priligy Generic Dapoxetine 60mg can also be taken once every 24 hours, and with this dosage the chance of having a premature ejaculation is very small. Priligy Generic Dapoxetine starts to work in 60 minutes (slower with a high fat meal) and usually continues for 2-4 hours.



Dapoxetine cannot be used in patients who have any form of hepatic problem. It should also not be used in patients who have cardiac problems, or rely on pacemakers. If the user is already taking drugs such as tricyclic antidepressants, serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs), other selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MOIs) or thioridazine, then he should wait at least two weeks before starting Dapoxetine dosage. Similarly, the aforementioned drugs should be consumed at least one week after stopping Dapoxetine usage.

How do Priligy tablets work?

If you “last” under 2 minutes, Priligy can double or even triple the length of time before ejaculation. Ejaculation is a reflex, however, it can be controlled by the brain. Dapoxetine increases serotonin levels which increase nerve signal transmission, allowing the brain to have more control over the ejaculation reflex.

Dapoxetine in Priligy has a shorter half-life than many of the SSRIs used to treat depression and anxiety, which means its effect on the body is only temporary (lasting between 4 and 24 hours).

However, it is still a good idea to discuss with your doctor about what might be causing your premature ejaculation. Often, they are psychological issues. Nervousness or anxiety/performance anxiety associated with a new sexual experience or partner can result in premature ejaculation. Sometimes, just using Priligy can provide reassurance and may restore normal functioning of the penis; treatment may help this support process. In other cases, the causes of premature ejaculation might be physical problems, such as a hormonal imbalance or hypersensitivity of the penis. Medical treatment, in combination with a number of techniques to slow and control ejaculation (squeeze technique or start and stop method), can relieve the underlying physical causes of PE.

What happens if You take more Priligy than recommended?

This will not increase the duration of the effect. However, it will increase the severity of your side effects and may well put your health in danger. Do not increase your dosage without consulting your doctor.

Do not take Priligy if you have:

Heart problems
Moderate to severe liver problems