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    Levitra Original

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    Generic Strattera

    Levitra is a medication that is applied to treat erectile dysfunction. It is applied to relax blood vessels muscles and finally increase blood flow to genitalia. The distinctive characteristics of Levitra are very good compatibility and superior overall performance. Levitra in combination with sexual stimulation presents effective erection. The medication contains an active ingredient - Vardenafil. If you consider that Viagra gives a short time effect and 36 hours of erection with Cialis seems too much, Levitra will be an ideal solution because Levitra contains comparatively less Vardenafil and helps to avoid side effects or reduce them to the minimum.

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    Levitra Original 20mg

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    Levitra Originale online is not a sexual stimulant. These pills help achieve a persistent erection by influencing the natural process that occurs in the body in the case of sexual excitement. Vardenafil promotes the nitric oxide release, which provides the vasodilative effect and an increase in the volume of blood flowing to the pelvic organs. The effect can be observed as early as 30 minutes after taking Levitra. Levitra 20 mg can give you the desired effect only if there is sexual stimulation.  Likely, Generic Levitra has the same effect with a loweer price.

    Levitra Tablets: Usage, Dosage & Storage 
    •Take this medicine along with a glass of water one hour before the sexual intercourse.  
    •Don't combine Levitra with a high-fat meal, alcohol, nicotine and caffeine items. 
    •The initial dose is 5 mg, which can be increased to 20 mg, the highest dose for this drug. 
    •Don't take this medicine with nitrates or other medications for male impotence.  
    •Avoid this medicine if you suffer from serious kidney, liver, lung and heart problems. 
    •Don't take more than one tablet per day, as overdose may lead to unwanted effects. 
    •Levitra tablets are specifically made for men; women and kids are strictly not allowed to consume it.  
    •Store it in a cool and dry place away from the reach of children. 

    Precautions to Be Taken 
    If you are allergic to Vardenafil, please don't take Levitra Original 20mg because it is dangerous to your health. 
    A high-fat meal should be avoided on the ground that it will lower the effectiveness of the medication. 
    The drug may cause blur vision and drowsiness, so driving with Levitra should be avoided. 
    Please don't take more than 20mg of the medication one day because it will cause side effects. When taking Levitra, you should just avoid alcohol. 
    It is not advised to drink grape juice when you take Levitra.  
    Men with heart disease, liver problem, kidney disease, high blood pressure, sickle cell anemia and eye problems should visit your doctor prior to taking Levitra. 
    The drug should not be taken in combination with nitrates. 

    Side Effects 
    The drug may cause certain side effects and therefore you need to consult your doctor before you buy Levitra. Some people may experience nasal stiffness, heartburn, headache, stomach upset, flushing, or blurred vision after taking this drug. You should immediately tell your doctor if any of the side effects persist for a long time or become bothersome. Levitra may rarely cause vision or hearing problems. You should immediately seek medical attention if you experience any hearing or vision problems. Levitra is generally taken by men to maintain erection. However, if the erection lasts for more than 4 hours, you should realize that it is one of the side effects which must be reported to your doctor. 

    Does Levitra Work as A Contraceptive? 
    Levitra does not work as a contraceptive, therefore the medication also does not give you a protected sex. Levitra does not take effect in safeguarding against sexually transmitted disease such as HIV or AIDS. 

    What You Should Know 
    Levitra is not used to treat female patients and is mainly for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction, also known as male impotence. 
    When you take Levitra, you should also avoid drinking grapefruit juice, as this may increase the risk of having side effects. 

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